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I've been working remotely for nearly the past 2 years and I will not disagree with any of you that it's the best job ever. Not having to think about which road to use every morning and back; sitting in the car for more than an hour to the office and back home; yeah it's pretty sweet. If you ever need a reason to convince your boss that you need to work remotely, just give him this book.

But what people don't see is the limited social and human interaction that I go through while working remotely. The house can be a big and quite place once the wife is at work and the little monster is at school. Some people I know handle the situation by doing work outside of the house - coffee shops, park, near a waterfall and even in a busy mall. I on the other hand prefer the quite and peaceful scene, not because I'm an introvert but I get distracted easily. However there are times when it can get too quite and when that happens, I just need some tunes to get me fired up.

Modern day Jukebox

The invention of Spotify, Rdio, Deezler and a gazillion of other music streaming service which has arrive in Malaysia, has fill the empty void with melodic tunes that can go on forever. Now I can play any song I want anytime and anywhere is a godsend to the old methods of downloading it off the internet. Don't know how I can live without it now. In fact having a Spotify subscription (which I think is the lowest in the world here in Malaysia is worth every ringgit then having an Astro subscription.

I decided to take the plunge and burn a hole in my wallet...

The higher quality audio from a Spotify Premium subscription sounds fantastic on my Sennheiser headphones but totally awful on my MacBook Pro built-in speakers (duh). After months of hearing my music on my headphones and missing a few phone calls or not hearing my wife knocking at the door or can't reach a folder which was inches away from my fingers with the headphones squash between my head, I came to realization that I needed a desktop speaker. At least with a desktop speaker I can still hear music in my bathroom.

Expensive like gold

After reading too much forums and reviews, I decided to take the plunge and burn a hole in my wallet and get the Audioengine A2+. These are powered speakers so if you ever get one you will need to find an empty power plug nearby.

In Malaysia you can get it directly at Digital Audio Studio, the local distributor. Go meet the tauke Mr. Chin on the first floor and he will take you to his sound cave. Every single speakers that he sells are there setup nicely around a couch in the middle of the room. He even has a few tables with Audioengine's A2+ on each side of an empty space in the middle where you can put your laptop to test. Plug the USB and your ready to hear your music brought to life by like never before. I used to have a pair of Creative Labs speakers but the sound coming out of the A2+ was unbelievable and felt livelier than the Creative's.

These speakers are a tad expensive (about RM 150 more) if your comparing them to the ones you find overseas. But that's how it is when you buy outside stuff in Malaysia, the extra is because of shipping (says the distributor). If you want the stand for the speakers that'll cost you RM 100 more. Told you it will burn a hole in your wallet, but it's totally worth it if you can afford it.

Pump it up

These speakers are solid and feels like it will last a life time, just like my classic Energy Take 5 speakers that I've had for more then 13 years. The extra stand does makes a difference as it makes the sound more clearer and sounds more direct just like with headphones on. According to Mr. Chin it's because with the stand the sound waves travel a more direct path to the ear instead if it was laying flat on the table.

... a plug-and-forget type of device that simply works and works well.

But where it truly shines is when your hearing a live track; often the benchmark for how good an audio speakers are. Crank the volume up and you will be amazed at how detail can you hear each individual instrument piece being played on stage or the sound of the singer's breath when she's at the end of the chorus. Youtube videos sounds more pleasant to hear especially when you start playing those live ceramahs or even a Ted talk. You just simply want to play more stuff on Youtube and wish that your TV sounded half as good as this.

... this is worth every ringgit than the home theatre system systems that you find at Harvey Norman or Seng Heng.

I've had it for 2 months now and the only complain I have is that it makes a shocking loud boom sound every time I plug it in or out of the USB when the laptop is ON. I still startled myself when I remove the USB cable on my laptop and thought that I've lowered the volume enough not to be shocked. But other then that it has been smooth sailing and more of a plug-and-forget type of device that simply works and works well. Just like Spotify, this is worth every ringgit than the home theatre systems that you find at Harvey Norman or Seng Heng.

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