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Last year I got a new job and I had to travel a lot. For the past year I've been managing my travel documents like most people who rarely travel by stuffing it in my backpack in whichever pockets I can find. Doing that for one trip was fine, but after a few trips things started to get crazy!

So I decided to find a solution to my chaos. What I was looking for was a passport holder that could double up and hold a pen, some airline privilege cards, currency holder and enough pockets for other things like earphone audio connector (for stupid planes that still use 2 pin audio plugs), gum and candy.

On the lookout

I would imagine these passport holders are easy to find at your local airport shop before you leave the plane. You know its normally black with a zipper covering all of its 3 sides and most likely sold next to the inflatable pillow. But guess what, after travelling to 5 different airports I didn't even found one! Even after going to many travel shops around KL and I still can't find one... Until I stumble upon a local company called Greenroom 136.

They're based in Kajang making high quality handmade bags with colors coming from a candy shop. I got the their ScribbleBook Travel, the middle child of the ScribbleBook series. After spending time with it on this trip, I can say it was the best RM 120 I've ever spent on a palm size bag.

The problem with airport security

The problem with airports today is the ridiculous number of things you have to remove from your and your bag at security checks. Sometimes I just think your better off with a towel then carrying anything. So for a guy like me arriving at a security check I have to remove my watch, wallet, phone and coins. Then I have to take out my laptop and passport, and stuff everything that I remove previously (wallet, watch, phone and coins) and put it my bag. I know some people just put all of it in the tray but I was never comfortable with that. Especially when the line is long and your bag went through and it's at the other end of the scanner while your stuck in line.

So far with the ScribbleBook Travel I could easily stuff anything in it and then put it in my bag when I take out my laptop. Basically 2 moves in 1. After the checks, I simply take it out, put back my laptop and off I go. No more waiting at the end of the checks with everybody else waiting to get a spot at a small table and hoping for some guy to finish putting back his watch, checking his wallet or worst checking his phone, as quickly as possible. For me I can immediately take off and find a nicer place to put back my belonging - like on the go or sitting down on a chair at a airport restaurant. I hate staying in line and I'll do anything to keep on moving.

The passport holder

It uses YKK velcro fastener instead of a zip to secure your things inside. Some might be right to think that things might fall off when you put too many things inside it, and your right, only if you shake it hard enough. Most of the time your'll be gripping the bag and nothing does comes out. In fact since it made from Cordura nylon it feels smooth, gentle and reassuring to touch in our hands, and some how that is enough for you to feel that your phone or watch might not drop out.

Another thing I like but had a problem (which is a good thing) with is the different color and color combination Greenroom had to offer this product. There's like a gazillion colors patterns that will make your eyes pop and spend hours just picking the right one. I'm sure one one will be mistakenly take mine.

config 1

The way I use the bag is simply put my things neatly in side and close it. Using a velcro fastener saves a few seconds opening and closing the bag, its a great idea as compared to the usual zip. There are a few configuration on how you might place your stuff.

config 2

...a few configuration on how you might place your stuff.

config 2

Once it is close it will remain secure, as long as you don't shake it. And if you had to run to catch a plane make sure you hold it like a running back holds on to a football.

not bulky

See even after stuffing a wallet, watch, coins and a phone into it, the ScribbleBook doesn't look bulky or difficult to carry. And the best part the colors makes your stand out than everyone else's boring black passport holder.

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