Suck it all Dyson

I never was good at doing my chores, maybe that is because I hate doing them.

But unlike most men however, I like my surroundings to be clean and that includes floors and carpets. I have weird cleanliness detection nerve under my feet, which my wife thinks its too sensitive. Since her cleanliness feet nerve is not up to my standard, then it's up to me to keep floors and carpet clean.

Now as you might know, here in the tropics if you don't open your windows you'll sweat like a smelly amoi in a disco. But once you open the windows dust starts to build up, and lots of em. Hence cleaning the floor was a two step process:

  • Vacuuming - to remove all dust stuck on the floor
  • Mopping - more make the floor kesat rather then shining

The look

The Dyson DC24 looks very cool, alien and down right pelik. dyson DC24

It is an upright unit with some funky tech, like the Root Cyclone and Ball Technology, this is pretty cool as you can virtually move in any direction seamlessly. Can't image it how it looks like at Harvey Norman, well here's how it looks like. dyson DC24

One of the things I love about this unit is that it works on any surface, well maybe not rough cement or stone pebble flooring. Since its a multifloor unit, with a push of a button I switch between vacuuming hard surfaces or carpets. So with a press of a button, small electronic midgets turn on the bristles at the head, that picks up dirt on the carpet.


Like any good upright vacuum the Dyson tilts down pretty well to go under tables but fails miserably under the bed. Nothing wrong with the vacuum, we just had a lower bed. Under table

... the Dyson tilts down pretty well to go under tables but fails miserably under the bed

Under bed

Since I'm lazy I even use it on small door rugs scattered around the house. The only problem is that the DC24's suction and bristles are so powerful that it tends to suck the edge of the rug into the head, especially if your rug has many bulu at the end. Normal carpets are fine. Vacuuming rug

For a small house with 4 bedrooms with 2 adults and a baby, every week I am amazed at how much dust it manages to suck up, usually half full. The DC24 canister does not hold a lot of dust, but the cool thing is you can see what it picks up (mostly my wife's hair). Since I didn't do anything last week, this week's collection will definitely knocks my socks off... and it did! dust


The DC24 is a bag-less unit, so no need to stock up cheap vacuum bags. While emptying the canister is as easy as pressing a button that opens up the bottom cover and shaking or tapping the canister to let the dust exit, like in their brochures. However I found that this was false and most of the time even with vigorously shaking the canister the dust is still stuck to inside. To get it out I still had to pull it out with my hand, making it less hygienic than a normal bag vacuum. Alternatively you could use a stick or a kitchen tong, I was being lazy.

Cleaning the DC24 really easy that even my baby could do it! Simply remove the dust collector from the canister and take out two filters located at the top of the canister and another at the ball head. Wash the translucent dust collector with what ever you like, as long its not acid. For the filters run water into it then tap or shake them to remove access water and finally let it dry for a day. Cleaning this thing is simply painless! But if I'm being completely honest a normal bag vacuum is much more easier, just change the bag and no washing filters are required. clean dust collector

Cleaning this thing is simply painless!

cleaning filters


After using the DC24 for a couple of months the DC24 leaves the floor feeling bit tacky just like after mopping, which my foot approves. It does require cleaning once a month (washing the filters) and emptying the dust from the canister could have worked much more better then advertise, but these are nitpicking really. The DC24's suction power is more than enough to justify the purchase. Besides now I don't have to mop after I vacuum every time (now I only mop once a month), one less chore to do equals more time for writing.

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