Got dropped with an Attitude

What makes this more infuriating is that my dropper is actually at the shop

It has been more than 4 months since I've pre-ordered the famous 9point8 Fall Line dropper seatpost and I'm still hanging on hope to get it - until today. The shop where I ordered the post from finally drop the bomb on me, they're refunding everyone and I'm not getting my dropper. What makes this more infuriating is that my dropper is actually at the shop. They decided not to release what they had because if they did the rest of their customers who also pre-ordered would start to attack their establishment like hungry zombies asking for their droppers.

Okay maybe I'm being selfish here, just because mine was one of the 17 units that arrived ahead of everyone else I should wait for the rest to arrive before I can get mine. However, I paid them the full amount including a ridiculous amount for shipping - to have it delivered to me from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, I should be on the top of their priority list.

Still think I'm being solipsism who just wants what's his. Well read on...

fb post

Initially I tried to order direct from 9point8's website but it kept on saying out of stock. Then saw that they had a distributor in Singapore - Attitude Bikes, and when I went to their Facebook page, Attitude was just closing the pre-orders for the Fall Line dropper posts. Ask if I can squeeze in and 12 days later I was on the list with the dropper arriving slightly before Christmas. With everything fully paid including shipping all I had to do now is watch 9point8's installation video on YouTube until I can do it blindfold.

...another month of waiting and I thought to myself this is starting to turn into one of those disaster Kickstarter campaign...

Christmas went past with news that the shipment is on its way. Decided to ring Attitude in the middle of January and instead got added into a WhatsApp group along with other pre-order customers from Malaysia and Singapore. Now updates on the order and shipment can be sent immediately by Attitude. Turns out the shipment went missing somewhere in North America and they're arranging another shipment. So another month of waiting and I thought to myself this is starting to turn into one of those disaster Kickstarter campaign that keeps on missing the delivery date.


When the new shipment did arrived it only came in limited quantities. Mine was on that shipment and was slated to be delivered to me during the first race of the Malaysian Downhill Series - according to the guy in charge at Attitude who was about to leave for the Taipei Bike show during the same weekend. Turns out a few boys at Attitude race DownHill and they'll stop over a night at KL to deliver my post before heading to Kelantan the following day for the race. The weekend came, still no phone call while I stare at my phone to ring from an unknown foreign number. The guy in charge didn't respond to my messages and when he finally did he was perplex that he couldn't contact his boys. I knew instantly this was going to be another disappointing weekend.

...mine was in their warehouse...

Suddenly I got a very very very long apologetic email from the big chief at Attitude. In it he mention 9point8 is in a classic situation of demand suddenly becoming way more than they could supply and currently they need to expand their production operations within the Canadian facility in order to meet the overwhelming demand. He goes on to saying that Attitude has decided to stop all deliverables of current stock that we may or may not have left in our inventory. But first to resolve these problems of delivery entirely. Looks like he's referring the missing and limited shipment - which was later mention in the email; the production line is still working hard to fulfill the orders that they are receiving from all around the world, including our shipment that has not been 100% fulfilled.

He ends the email with two options for those who have made a pre-order: cancel your order and get a full refund or, refund the deposit but keep the order alive and purchase a unit once Attitude gets the dropper in hand. Reasonable options to choose from if your dropper wasn't at Attitude's warehouse. However mine was in their warehouse and the guy in charge confirmed that with me before he left for Taiwan and once he got back. 4 days later I wrote back to the chief stressing I wanted my dropper which his guy can confirm my order is with them.

A good product is still a good product that people will want to have

The next 18 days was spent pressuring everyone at Attitude - especially the chief, to make a decision on my situation. I still didn't understand why he didn't want to release mine or any of the 17 that arrived. I made my case for mine to be delivered and if there was judge I know I would win. Why was Attitude so afraid off releasing the shipment? Afraid of bad publicity for playing favorites? Can't bear the pressure of the need to satisfy everyone? Kiasu at wanting everything they ordered?

Attitude's attitude of; always apologizing for the current problem by saying it is not their fault but the manufacturer's and delaying tactics by not responding to messages and being silent - doesn't seems like the efficient Singapore that the world knows off. The last 2 months of my ordeal I sense that Attitude wasn't committed to resolve the situation with 9point8 or wanted to make the best of their existing stock. They could have release the stock and ask the lucky 17 that got their dropper to write a review for them on their Facebook page - instantly creating huge demand for the dropper when it becomes available in June and drowning any bad comments they might have collected. A good product is still a good product that people will want to have. And with enough people talking about the Fall Line I am sure Attitude can get out of this mess in a better position when they first went into it.

Right now all I want is my money back - hope it's not another Attitude Bikes Kickstarter campaign.

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