The spray gun, a must have for weekend detailers


All my life I've been used to using a hose either without a nozzle or with a straight one. Since my straight nozzle was leaking water and spraying it all over me, I decided to try a gun spray nozzle. It looked cool when Larry Kosilla was using it on Drive Clean.

Once I got mine installed and within 5 seconds of using it I understood why a spray gun was the preferred choice by detailers, and most people. First of all unlike the straight nozzle, which you can only adjust the spray pattern, the spray gun allows for pattern adjustment as well as controlling the intensity of spray. It acts like a XBOX trigger button, the more you press down on it the more faster water comes out.

...change spraying directions with just a flick of a wrist.

Second, the gun swivels which saves a lot of hand motion and energy. This feature might not be useful to gardeners but is very handy for detailers. There are times where you need to get inside of the wheel arches over the tires or spray a large area of the car; bonnet or the side of you 18' trailer. A swivel nozzle head makes it much easier to change spraying directions with just a flick of a wrist.

spray gun straight

A typical spraying position would be just dead on straight. With a flick of the wrist the spray gun allows us to cover another area without the need to touch the hose.

spray gun flick

You can even cool down yourself if its too hot by pointing the spray gun at you, not that I've tried it myself.

spray gun pointing back

However the swivel nozzle only works if you use a quick connect type connector connected to the hose end. The American screw on spray gun will not be easy to swivel, since it is screw to the end of the hose effectively making it part of the hose itself. You might be able to achieve a similar swivel movement, but it is going to take a bit work to force move the hose and bend it to your needs.

spray gun low

This Karcher spray gun has 3 level of spray intensity, whereby it is controlled by the spray gun's trigger... and it stops and hold the trigger position until you release it, brilliant! no more cramp fingers. Picture above shows it at the lowest spray intensity and below is at its maximum.

spray gun high

So what are you waiting for, get it now!

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